Notion Answers Promo

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Your Notion product or service in front of thousands of Notion users.

Target. 100% of the traffic is from Notion users and that is your target. This is not a tech blog where 99% of the traffic is wasted, it is everything Notion and nothing else.

Limited to 3 spots. Just 3 spots and no rotation, you will be present for the 100% of the impressions.

Exclusivity. If your product or service is about forms, other spots can't be for forms, if your product or service is for a course, no other course will be present, if...

Why 6 months. You have a discount and when spot prices go up, you will not be affected during your campaign.

Get more months. No, prices will go up, please select the available.

Banner size. 300 x 300 pixels.

Banner format. JPG.

Mega Banner. You can get the 3 spots for 6 months and have a mega banner using all the space to show your product or service.

Position. Between questions and footer , present in homepage and questions pages. (See: and scroll down)

Audience. 12k - 15k organic monthly unique users with a 8% increase every month.

After payment you will receive an email to select your dates.


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Notion Answers Promo

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